Patient Testimonials


I came to my Doctor with low back pain, numbness in the legs, hand and arms. I saw an ad in my local newspaper and thought this might help m, and it surely has! The treatments are painless. Prior to coming here I had other treatments for two years and they did not help.

Numbness and lower back pain are gone since receiving the DRS Protocol. My mobility is much better as well. It has helped improve my life so much. I can do normal things so much easier now. I am truly grateful to my Doctor and his staff. They have given me my life back!



After having been diagnosed with bulging discs through an MRI over a year ago, I undertook many different means of improvment without success. While reading my local paper, I noticed an advertisement asking, “Are you a candidate for the DRS Protocol?” The subject caught my attention and simply made good, logical sense.

Prior to going to this Doctor, I had tried pain medications, months of physical therapy and exercising. I consulted with many physicians including a locally well-known back surgeon. All these efforts resulted in minor, temporary improvements to the daily back pain I was experiencing.

The DRS Protocol simply works. After undergoing two and a half months of therapy, my back has improved at least 80%: and some days close to 100%. The process has relieved the constant pressure to the back and pain radiating down my legs. This Doctor has provided me with greater understanding of the back and spine and a more holistic approach to medications. Together with the DRS Protocol, I credit his positive guidance to my continued improvement.


Determination and the DRS Protocol save the day!

I found my Doctor when I saw an ad for the DRS Protocol in a newletter that was brought into my work for a printing quote. The words “back pain” caught my eye and I had to read the ad. After reading, I was on the phone setting up my appointment.

After years of treatment with several chiropractors, my family doctor, a pain clinic, cervical surgery and numerous prescriptions, I was ready to try anything to help the pain in my lower back.

At my appointment, I was tested to see if I would qualify for the DRS Protocol. Fortunately, I did! I got started with my treatment the very next day. By my third treatment I had no pain in my lower back and my use of pain killers is at a minimum.

After my last appointment, a friend asked what I was asked what I had been doing to achieve such a great improvement. I explained finding my Doctor and the DRS Protocol accomplished what no other Doctor, treatment or pill had in the past.

I’m now able to talk walks and hikes with my daughter, get on and off our motorcycle with ease, make it through a day’s work without excruciating back pain and enjoy a more active social life.

I recommend everyone I know with back pain to visit my Doctor and ask for the DRS Protocol, especially if they have been told to get surgery. It’s a great alternative and it has changed my life!



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