DRS Protocol Study

MRI Study Demonstrates Positive Results from Treatment with the DRS Protocol™

Case Study 2009:  Busch Chiropractic Pain Center, Dr. Richard E. Busch III, Fort Wayne IN

MRI Evidence of Improvement Post DRS Protocol™ Treatment of Herniated Discs


Male, 41 Years


Herniated disc L4/L5 and severe degenerative L5/ S1

Dr. Richard E. Busch III, of the Busch Chiropractic Pain Center, Fort Wayne IN, ordered an MRI study to compare with a pre-treatment MRI Study, after patient was treated for herniated disc and degenerative disc disease.

The patient’s complaints were burning and sharp pain in the low back and in the buttocks.  His symptoms had been present for approximately one year and had gotten worse to serious severity, and his sleep was interrupted due to pain, and the condition interfered with work and daily activities.  The patient had undergone prior treatment of NSAIDS, muscle relaxers, pain medications, and epidural injections: all with little to no improvement.

After the treatment with the nonsurgical DRS Protocol™ the patient was reporting 100% sustained improvement.

The MRI demonstrates a major reduction of the disc herniation and rehydration of the discs.  The herniation posterior was diminished and the disc height improved. This patient has had no recurrence.

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